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Tag: Timbaland

Chart Marzo 2010

1. We made it (Busta Rhymes feat Linkin Park) 2. Ci sarà rmx (Raige) 3. Do you remember (Jay Sean feat Sean Paul and Lil Jon) 4. La donna cannone (Francesco De Gregori) 5. If we ever meet again (Timbaland feat Katy Perry) 6....

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Chart Dicembre 2009

1. Did it again (Shakira) 2. Touchdown (Eminem feat. T.I.) 3. Meet me halfway (Black Eyed Peis) 4. Pursuit of happiness (Kid Cudi) 5. Young forever (Jay-Z feat. Mr. Hudson) 6. I’ll be right here waiting (Bryan Adams) 7. We...

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Chart Novembre 2009

1. Bad influence (Pink) 2. Oh Timbaland (Timbaland) 3. I’ve just begun (Britney Spears) 4. Baby by me (50 Cent feat. NeYo) 5. Paper planes (M.I.A.) 6. M3 (Noyz Narcos) 7. Catch my disease (Ben Lee) 8. Non so cos’è...

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